Online Streaming

To stream our Sunday Service and other activities we use the service of Facebook Live and YouTube Live. FBC Gillis's Live stream will go on from the beginning of worship (11am) to the end of the sermon (aprox. 12pm).

To stream using Facebook:

1. Go to

2. Log into your Facebook account

3. Scroll down a little on the Fbc Gillis Facebook profile.

4. Click on the Live Stream video under the "create post" section of the profile.

5. Enjoy what God has to speak to the church!

To stream using Youtube:

1. Go to our YouTube channel

2. Under the "Home" tab, click on the first video from top to bottom which should play the current Live Stream.

3. Enjoy what God has to speak to the church!

Online Giving

Give as the Lord leads you!

We use the secure online giving services services powered by easyTithe.

Note: We only accept Debit Cards and e-checks.